Art & Theater, Delhi

art in delhi

India can be identified with the dance & music which has been part of the people here since time immemorial. Even Lord Shiva is known as the Lord Natraja or the dancer. Each part India has developed some kind of traditional classic dance form of its own. Like Manipur has the colourful Manipuri dance, Orissa Boasts of the Oddissi. The Southern States also have some distinct dance style forms. The Kathak Kali of Kerala, The Bharatnataym of Karnataka are rich in vibrant expression and elegant steps. In the north flourished the Kathak which attained its height during the Mughal period. Apart from these classical dance there are numerous folk dances which derive expressions from the day to day life experiences or from the Mythological books. The Snake dance of Rajasthan, Bhangra from Punjab, the dragon dance from Tibet, The traditional dances from the hills, the foot tapping numbers from Goa, the tribal dances from the tribal regions, the Chau Dance from Purulia, the list is unending. Delhi has been host to the performances of these dances in its numerous Auditoriums and the fairs and festivals which are oraganised on a regular basis.

Delhi has also been staging plays and dramas in the auditoriums. The open air auditorium and the main auditoriums of national school of drama, the Shri Ram center, the Kamani auditorium, FICCI auditorium and Little theater Group Auditorium and many others are staging plays by different groups. There performances even in the Stadiums of Delhi. It is advisable that get prior information about the plays and book your in tickets advance as some of the plays have very heavy rush. These auditoriums also hold regular performances of Indian musical instruments like Sitar, Tabla, Sarod, Sarangi, Shehnai.

The Indian Classical singing is mainly divided in two forms- The Southern Carnatic and the Northern music with various raags. The masters of these forms are regularly giving performances in Delhi.

Coming out of the traditional forum, Delhi has been catching up with western culture and almost all the Big hotels have Discos which are open till late night and youngsters can be seen shaking their blues out here. The theme parks like the Appu Ghar and the Fun 'n' Food village are becoming very popular among children as well as the elders. The water rides in these parks provide perfect respite from the heat of Delhi during the summers.