Heritage of Delhi

Tourism in Delhi has grown to become a major industry. Among various reasons that has contributed to its growth, the historical importance of Delhi is important. The city of Delhi has seen the birth and death of many kings, kingdoms and dynasties. It has seen the rise and fall of many powers and has been a silent witness to the struggle and aspiration of a country desperate to shake off foreign rule. With the rise of each dynasty, Delhi was beautified by fascinating architecture that have withstood the ravages of time.

Today tourism in Delhi revolves mostly around these majestic monuments and heritage sites. During the Mughal rule, a number of majestic monuments were constructed by Mughal kings to display the pomp and splendor of the Mughal Empire. There were also other Indian rulers who patronized artisans. Today these monuments have become places of attractions in Delhi.

Must Visit Heritage Sites in Delhi are:

Qutab Minar
Humayun Tomb
India Gate
Jantar Mantar
Purana Quila
Red Fort