It is advisable not to pack too many things, as it is impossible not to buy things in India. In fact the most reluctant and miserly shoppers succumb within the first few days unless they are held back. Just carry things that can be used up and thrown out at the end (creams, shampoos etc.) Though a lot of variety is available in the big cities.

Sightseeing Packing

For daily travelling, must consist of a hand towel, a small bar of soap, a toilet roll, face tissue or handkerchiefs and a bottle for water. A camera, with ample roll of films (good quality films are available in the big cities), a pair of binoculars, which can help with looking closer at birds, wildlife and detailed carving on buildings. Electrical gadgets work on "220 V". Sealed Mineral Water is available freely.

Travel Documents

It is safe to keep all the travel documents, consisting of your passport, tickets, confirmations of bookings, insurance policies , traveller`s cheques, permits, visas etc. and of course money in your hand luggage. In cloths, essentials are loose cotton cloths as man made fibres are extremely uncomfortable and sweaty during summer months. Hotel laundries are fast and good. European Designs are cheaper in India and are sold in the hotel shopping arcades.


Can also be stitched and copied in one day, using fabric bought by the meter, which is readily available. Socks are essential if you plan to visit temples or places of worship as you are not allowed to wear shoes inside these places . There is an inexhaustible choice of comfortable, good looking cheap sandals in Delhi.


Few pills for fever, aches, cough and cold will save most disasters and for jippy tummy known as Delhi belly in India. Most of the hotels have doctors on call, but if you plan to go off a beaten tract, it is worth considering taking a course for malaria, antiseptic cream, few dressings, insect bite cream. It is advisable and essential to take right injections before visiting India. A full course against typhoid, tetanus, cholera and hepatitis.

East West Medical Centre

38, Golf Links Road, New Delhi 110 001, India
Phone : +(91)-(11)-699229, 623738

All India Institute of Medical Sciences

Phone : +(91)-(11)-661123
For 24 hours emergency service

Ambulance Service is available at Phone : +(91)-(11)-102, 6232882

24 hours Pharmacies is available at Phone : +(91)-(11)-2201540, 600561, 6441782


The usual duty-free rules and regulations apply for India - One litre of alcohol and 200 cigarettes. Video Cameras, Laptop Computers, Still Cameras, should be entered on a "Tourist baggage Re-Export" form. Your luggage, including hand luggage may be x-rayed on arrival. Export of any object over 100 years old requires a permit, in case of any doubt you should contact the Director of Antiquities, Archaeological Survey of India, in Janpath
(Call : +(91)-(11)-3017220)

Travel Insurance

Is a good idea to make a small payment to cover against theft, loss and medical problems.