Climate in Delhi

Delhi is situated on the banks of river Yamuna in the northern part of India. Once a part of the Aravalies, today Delhi has only the Ridge area to tell the story of the greenery this place once had. Himalayas are in the North of Delhi.

The capital of India is a land locked city. The distance from the sea gives Delhi an extreme type of continental climate. The summers in Delhi are very hot and winters very cold. The temperature range varies from 45 degrees in summers to 4 degrees in winters. The winters are marked by mist and fog in the mornings and often sun is seen in the afternoons. The cold wave from the Himalayan region makes winters very chilly. In summers the heat wave is immense and adequate precaution has to be taken before going out in the hot summer afternoons.

The best season to visit Delhi is During the spring seasons of February to April and August to November. The bloom season of February and March make Delhi colourful. This time of the year brings greenery on the face of Delhi.

JANUARY 21 07 25
FEBRUARY 24 10 22
MARCH 30 15 17
APRIL 36 21 07
MAY 41 27 08
JUNE 40 29 65
JULY 35 27 211
AUGUST 34 26 173
SEPTEMBER 34 25 150
OCTOBER 35 19 31
NOVEMBER 29 12 01
DECEMBER 23 08 05