Indira Gandhi Memorial Museum

Indira Gandhi Memorial Museum Delhi

The Indira Gandhi Memorial Museum is located in New Delhi at 1 Safdarjung Road in the home where she lived. The house stands in a lovely garden with mature trees and flowering plants. It contains a collection of photographs documenting her life from her childhood to her days as prime minister. In addition, a number of rooms have been dedicated to her son Rajiv Gandhi who was assassinated in May 1991. Her library and living room have been maintained just as she kept them. These rooms are not open to the public. However, they can be viewed through the windows from the gardens.

Indira Gandhi governed India for almost two decades until she was assassinated by her own Sikh bodyguards on October 31, 1984 as she strolled in her garden. Pictured here is the path where she was assassinated; now a memorial.