National Gallery of Modern Art


Inaugurated on March 29, 1954, The National Gallery of Modern Art is the only institution of it's kind in India, run and administered by the Government of India. It represents the evolution of the changing art forms through the passage of the last more than hundred years starting from about 1857. The foremost responsibility of the National Gallery of Modern Art is to ensure quality and to set and maintain a standard of excellence that pervades all it's activities.

Principal Aims and Objectives:

• To acquire and preserve works of modern art from 1850's onward
• To organise maintain and develop galleries for permanent display
• To organise special exibitions worldwide
• To develop an education and documentation centre in order to acquire, maintain and preserve documents relating to works of modern art
• To develop a specialised library of books, periodicals, photographs and other audio visual materials
• To organise lectures, seminars and conferences, and to
encourage higher studies and research in the field of art history, art criticism, art appreciation, museology and the interrelations on visual and performing arts