National Museum of Natural History, Delhi

National Museum of Natural History

The National Museum of Natural History (NMNH) is a subordinate office of the Ministry of Environment & Forests, whose basic function is to promote environmental education and create environmental/conservation awareness among the people through various inhouse and outreach activities. The Museum has various exhibit galleries, a Bio-Science Computer Room,an Activity Room and a Mobile Museum, which are used for promoting environmental awareness among different target groups. A brief report of the activities of the NMNH during the year is as follows :

Exhibit Galleries

Under the ongoing programme of renovation and udation of the Museum Galleries, repalcement of old false celling and improvement of illumination in the four existing galleries were taken up.

Educational Activities

The educational activities of the NMNH included a number of special events besides the regular programmes of film shows and activities for the benefit of school children and teachers within the meseum permises. These were:

A month-long summer rogramme for teenagers titled `Know Your Environment'
Creative activity for children on nature painting and animal/plant modelling.
Teacher Orientation Workshops.
Environmental education programmes and activities for different target groups under the National Environment Awareness Programme.
Audio-visual extension programmes and film shows organised at schools, colleges, resettlement colonies in Delhi and rural areas.
Special museum programmes for handicapped children.
School Loan Service-Teaching Aids given on loan to schools of Delhi.
LEARN(Lesson on Environmental Awareness and Resources) Programmes for schools children of Classes VI to XII.
Publication of popular environment education resource materials.

National Museum of Natural History
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