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Sightseeing Tours Delhi

Destination : Delhi
Tour Package Duration : 01 Day
The beauty and dynamism of a city where past co-exist with the present can be seen in the national capital, Delhi. It attracts people in hordes from not only India but from abroad as well. Delhi provides a perfect amalgamation of various things – rich culture, beautiful forts and monuments, museums, eye-catching architecture, scenic beauty, various groups of people and many more. To be precise, Delhi is the hub of all activities.

Delhi Sightseeing Tours delivers some of the best parts of Delhi in a single day. Those on a short trip to India can avail this option to enjoy the best of Delhi. This tour will allow you to enjoy diverse facets of Delhi. Red Fort located in Old Delhi is a massive structure built of red sandstone; it is a delight of the visitors. You will also get to explore Qutub Minar, the tallest minaret of India. The designs on the minaret are really very beautiful; it can be regarded as a superb piece of architecture. Jantar Mantar, basically an observatory really goes with the name. It is something very exciting. Included in the tour are the famous Humayun’s Tomb and Safdarjung Tomb.

For those who have interest in spiritualism, there is something for them too. This trip will take you to the famous Lakshmi Narayan Temple popularly known as Birla Temple. Lotus Temple is another added attraction of the tour. This Bahai House of Worship is open to all irrespective of religion, caste and creed. The beautiful design of the temple with lush green surrounding will surely make you feel peace. Delhi trip any time of the year is something different and beautiful.

Jantar Mantar : An astronomical observatory, with masonary instruments built in 1724 by Maharaja Jai Singh-II, the mathematician and astronomer king of Jaipur. The instruments are intended to show the movements of the sun, moon etc.
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Lakshmi Narayan Temple : Popularly known as Birla Mandir, it is a large Hindu temple built in Orissan style, in 1938, by the renowned Birla family. People of all faiths can worship at this temple.

Qutub Minar : Qutub Minar is an excellent example of Afgan architecture. The minar is 72.5 meters high victory tower, the construction of which began in the final year of twelth century by the Qutubu’Din-Aibak and was completed by his successors.

Bahai’s House of worship : Situated at Kalkaji. It is also known as the Lotus temple due to its distinctive lotus shaped design in marble. It was built in 1987 by the followers of Bahai faith. The temple signifies the purity and equality of all religions (Monday closed)

Safdarjung Tomb : At the western end of Lodhi Road is situated the Safdarjung Tomb built in 1753-54 by the son of the second Nawab of Oudh (Monday only)

Red Fort : Built by Shahjahan, the builder of the Taj Mahal in Agra. The construction lasted from 1639 to 1648.

Jama Masjid : Jama Masjid is the largest mosque in India and stands across the road from the Red Fort, built in 1656 by Shahjahan. About 20,000 people can pray here at a time (drive past)

Rajghat : The simple square platform of black marble marks the place where the Father of the Nation Mahatma Gandhi was cremated.

Humayun’s Tomb : Built by Humayun’s widow, Queen Haji Begum in the 16th Century , it is supposed to be prototype of the Taj Mahal of Agra.