Gurdwara Bangla Sahib


Bangla Sahib Gurdwara is situated just a furlong away from the main Connaught Place and has become a centre of pilgrimage for lakhs of people who throng the Gurdwara everyday. People belonging to different religions, castes, color visit this shrine to pay their respect everyday.

Guru Harikrishan ji came to Delhi and was entertained as a royal guest by Mirza Jai Singh in his palace. The palace was built on the model of existing palace of Raja Jai Singh in Jaipur. Raja Jai Singh's chief Rani looked after Mata Sulakhni ( Mother of Guru ji ) and was greatly impressed by the spiritual powers of Guru Harikrishan Ji.

Guru Harikrishan ji was invited by Mughal King Aurengzed, but Guru ji refused to meet the Mughal King, and show any occult miracles of the type his ( Guru ji's ) brother Ram Rai, had shown in the Mughal court. During this period smallpox and cholera had broken in Delhi and Guru Harikrishan ji moved freely among the victims of the epidemic. Both Hindu and Muslims of Delhi were deeply moved by his compassion and human touch.

Guru Harikrishan ji everyday distributed sanctified water to the sick and the poor, which had a miraculous healing effect on their mind and soul. To this day water sanctified by the word of God, sung all the day in the temple is distributed to those seeking their peace of mind.

Raja Jai Singh dedicated his palace to the sacred memory of the Guru and since his death it has been the place of worship of the sikhs.

Guru Harikrishan ji died of smallpox on March 30, 1664. The Gurdwara was built by Sardar Baghel Singh in 1783. It was rebuilt by Baba Harbans Singh ji and a Sarover was also added. It is a spacious four storey building with beautiful facade. The birthday of Guru Harikrishan ji is celebrated here every year with great pomp and show.