Iskcon Temple, Delhi

Iskcon Temple Delhi

For many this is just a temple, for finding solace, peace and quiet. Sitting amongst Lord Krishna and his devotees with Hare Krishna chants going around is indeed an experience. But for those who are seeking more, there is so much to learn and see, than what meets the eye.

From a restaurant to a museum in the making, a library and a special animatronics show, ISKCON has it all. While looking around if you get hunger pangs, you need not go further than the completely vegetarian restaurant Govinda.

The idea behind the upcoming museum is to present Indian history in an interactive manner. Says Dina Nath Das, the brain behind the entire show “it is important to present the story of human evolution to the people, in the right manner. Thus the sound and light presentations accompanied by huge relief and life-like figures are bound to make an impact on an audience, far more than just an exhibition”. The museum will be opened by August for those who want to see the best of science and religion together.

Though the museum is being built, the artwork and the concept behind it already seem impressive. The story begins on the ground floor with the Bhagwat Gita. When you move on to the first floor, you will be taken through the entire sequence of the Ramayana, Mahabharata and the Shrimad Bhagwatam.

Not only this, but the museum is also planning to create special section on Forbidden Archaeology. Says Dina Nath “Till date, we all have sworn by Darwin’s theory of evolution. We all believe that the humans came on the earth thousands of years ago. But what is written in the Gita, or the Shrimad Bhagwatam has torn this theory to shreds. For those who do not believe that humans have existed since the universe was formed, evidences have been found of human footsteps along with those of the dinosaurs. Apart from this, excavations have revealed signs of human existence on pieces of land that have been in existence since billions of years”.

Thus by creating this section, ISKCON aims at having a better understanding among Indians about what was said in the Gita and Shrimad Bhagwatam …that humans have been on this earth since the universe came into existence.

But all this is yet to come…what exists today in the temple premises is the Animatronics Centre. Through three different screens, you get to see how the temple was formed, the idea behind it and the spread of the Hare Krishna clan in many other countries. As the show ends, the main animatronics begin. Created by using hi-end technology, the show is controlled by 3 computers networked together and connected to a remote control. One computer controls the overall show, second one acts as the laser discs controller and third one controls the movements of the robots. All 3 computers are synchronized to time codes written on the laser discs, which are the three 3 hi-tech robots of Krishna, Arjuna and Srila Prabhupada, the founder of ISKCON.

This is one place, which has been successful in combining science and technology with religion. Even the books and other information that have been displayed here are of interest to those who love to wander in the premises.

ISKCON has thus emerged as a place loved by those who would want to try out good vegetarian food, among architects, philosophers, artists, and even tourists. Take your pick and venture into a place that has lots to say, for those who want to hear.

Sant Nagar Main Road,
East of Kailash
New Delhi 110065